02.06.2018 5:45 PM

Right now I am working on a test in history. It is really hard and sometimes I can’t find the answers in the book. My history teacher is cool. But we always have to have a textbook in front of us.

02.06.2018, 8:33 AM

Good Morning. Right now I am getting ready for a class in ELA(small group to be exact). And I’m really looking forward to a class(a long story) with my friend. She is always there for me especially yesterday when my old boyfriend broke up with me. She is a REALLY good friend.


Oh! My! Goodness!!!! I just met someone at school! His name is Cody and I might like him. I asked if he liked me and he said… that he DID! OMG and the thing is I like him.


I just got into a really AWESOME YouTube channel. It is all about a person named Amy_Lee33 who does things on Minecraft and has a peace garden and Peace Pig and Chicken. She has a lot of cats and dogs and a huge house. We also got a new puppy last Friday. Her name is... View Article